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Yucaipa names new mayor, considers changing selection process

By in Press Enterprise on November 29, 2017

By Sandra Emerson

The Yucaipa City Council has appointed a new mayor and mayor pro tem.

Mayor Pro Tem Greg Bogh will take over for former Mayor Dick Riddell, the longest serving member of the council. Councilman Bobby Duncan was named Mayor Pro Tem.

The council also decided to change its process for filling the positions, which has remained the same since 1994.

In 2019, the council will consider appointing the mayor and mayor pro tem based on seniority rather than by nomination and majority vote.

This means, the councilmember having the longest current continuous membership on the council without serving as mayor would be appointed as mayor. The councilmember in second, would be appointed mayor pro tem.

“I think it works and I think that it’s fair,” Councilwoman Denise Allen said.

Allen, who has served as mayor in the past, also suggested the council seriously consider in the future rotating mayor by district, so every district has a chance for their elected official to serve in the role.

“We bring a unique perspective to this body and the decision making,” Allen said. “We each dedicate hours and hours of unpaid services to the community. I think we are all equal and I think that we all deserve an opportunity to serve as the presiding officer of this body.”

In 2016, following the city’s first district-based election, the council voted to keep its selection process.

At that time they voted to appoint Riddell as Mayor and Bogh as Mayor Pro Tem.

This year, however, a request was made by one or more council members to review other options, including rotation based on district, rotation based on seniority and votes and rotation based on seniority and percentage of votes.

Councilman David Avila, who supported keeping the process the same, said he would like to see the council start a tradition of appointing the Mayor […]    

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