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World Logistics Center developer owes Moreno Valley $180,402 in legal fees

By in Press Enterprise on July 22, 2017

By Imran Ghori

The developer of the planned World Logistics Center remains thousands of dollars behind in reimbursing Moreno Valley for legal bills involving the mega warehouse project, city records show.

Highland Fairview owes the city $180,402 in legal costs as of late June, the most current information provided by the city shows.

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A spokesman for the company said it is repaying the city and blamed the delay on not receiving proper invoices. Meanwhile, a Moreno Valley spokeswoman said the city is satisfied with the payments being made. The mayor and at least one council member say the situation should not be cause for alarm.

Still, some critics say the city is not doing enough to hold accountable the politically influential developer, which has spent thousands of dollars supporting city candidates.

Since the Moreno Valley City Council’s approval of the 40.6-million square-foot warehouse complex two years ago, the city has spent $508,294 as of May defending itself against a dozen lawsuits filed against the project, city records show.

Under a development agreement with the city, Highland Fairview is obligated to pay the city’s legal bills. The pact says the developer promises “to fully defend, indemnify and hold the City harmless for […]    

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