Women on Money and Mindset: Board service during retirement

By in Press Enterprise on December 31, 2017

By Tami Sipos

One thing you might be thinking about as you are getting ready for retirement is how you will fill your days. Don’t let your skills and connections sit idle, put them to good use on a board of a nonprofit organization in your community.

You may have already been asked to serve, but didn’t have the time while working. Don’t let retirement stop you from serving.

Boards need membership from a diverse pool of qualified individuals to make better decisions and have more connections and impact in the community.

Your board service will reward you with learning new skills and working with people from a variety of other areas and industries.

What currency do you offer?

We tend to think of money when we hear the word “currency,” but currency can have many different meanings when talking about the value that you bring to an organization. Some people may have the money version of currency, while others may have the currency of time to volunteer. Another currency is the ability to make meaningful introductions. Introductions do not cost dollars or cents, but the connection to the organization may be extremely valuable.

What would make you a good board member? What value can you bring?

Be present. Don’t look at board service as a hobby or a favor. Organizations need their boards to run effectively and efficiently. Serving is a serious commitment of time, contribution, effort and thought.

Get to the meetings early and budget some time to stay afterwards. Get to know your fellow board members. Chances are that you already know some of them and that is how you found out about the organization’s need for board members.

Come prepared. Prior to the meeting review the agenda and the minutes from the previous meeting and anything that is sent to you in advance of the meeting.

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