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Women on Money and Mindset: 5 frugal ways to say ‘I love you’

By in Press Enterprise on February 3, 2018

By Teri Parker

Are you living on a beer budget but hopeful there will be Dom Perignon champagne on Valentine’s Day?

It’s important your spouse or partner feels special on this day. But don’t feel obligated to spend money that you don’t have to avoid feeling like a cheapskate.

Keep in mind that a date need not be expensive to be enjoyable. Put on your creative hat, and spend a bit of time planning ways to make Valentine’s Day special — within a budget you can afford. This means you’re not incurring debt you can’t pay off in full when the monthly credit card statement arrives.

Maybe writing a poem, love letter, or making a card with pictures of special moments that you’ve had together is all you need to do to touch the heart of your loved one. But if you are inspired to do more, here are a few suggestions:

Date night

Date night doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the house or spending a lot of money in order to enjoy a romantic evening. How about picking up your favorite takeout — along with fresh flowers and wine from Costco or Sam’s Club — and stage a candlelight dinner?

Surprise your partner with a table set with fresh flowers and a candle while enjoying your favorite dinner with a nice glass of wine. Add some music and dance the night away. In addition to being affordable, this experience is quiet, intimate, and much better than waiting at a packed restaurant for dinner reservations with a mass of people who are also trying to celebrate this special day.


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