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Wolf: Pac-12 should become a coaching carousel

By in Press Enterprise on October 10, 2017

By Scott Wolf

Gary Andersen and Oregon State parted ways Monday and I admit I like it.

A coach leaving in midseason is shocking in some ways, especially when Andersen agreed to release Oregon State from “all future contract obligations and payments.” But Andersen’s integrity opens the door to an interesting experiment.

I’ve wondered in recent years what would happen if a college adopted the mindset of an Italian or English soccer team and fired a coach after four or five bad games. If you keep the buyouts low, why not?

Sooner or later, the athletic director has to get it right. So Oregon State gets rid of Andersen and brings in someone else. Give them a year. Or less. If it doesn’t improve, hire someone else.

A Pac-12 athletic director once told me schools pay top money for coaches because of the lack of job security in coaching. Here is how you solve that: Go hire young coordinators and see if they will do more with making less. I bet they will. The cult of personality involved in coaching these days creates many false idols that receive millions each year for little benefit. You don’t think anyone else besides Ed Orgeron could be 3-2 at LSU right now?

For some reason, LSU gave Orgeron a $12 million buyout. That was LSU’s second mistake.

Oregon State cornerbacks coach Cory Hall is the interim coach following Andersen’s departure. Can he do any worse than 1-5? The Beavers could have really stressed USC on Saturday if they were not so inept. A young coach can do as bad as a proven one like Andersen. And for a lot less money.

No one in this country has the guts to try it, but if you get some rich boosters and your administration to back the idea, it might work. Some UCLA fans probably […]    

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