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Will a Lady Bird sequel highlight Sacramento’s other problems?

By in Press Enterprise on February 12, 2018

By Joe Mathews

Good news in Sacramento: Lady Bird, a coming-of-age film set there and directed by Sacramento’s own Greta Gerwig – has been nominated for five Academy Awards, including best picture.

Here’s the better news: Gerwig says she will make three more films about her hometown.

“I would like to make a quartet of films in Sacramento,” Gerwig, told the Sacramento Bee. “I have three more before the quartet is done.”

What will these films be about? No one, perhaps not even Gerwig herself, knows. But here’s hoping Gerwig explores Sacramento’s severe challenges, from soaring housing prices to a weak jobs market, just as Lady Bird takes on the city’s low levels of college graduates. The title character – a teenager named Lady Bird – is so disappointed with Sacramento’s second-tier cultural and higher-education offerings that she leaves for private college in New York. Such brain drain is common in real life. Sacramento ranks 58th out of 102 American metro areas in educational attainment.

So – in the spirit of civic renewal – I offer the Oscar-nominated director ideas for four sequels.

1. Lady Bird Gets Her Tree

A homesick Lady Bird, in her late 20s, moves back and visits coffee shops for six months before deciding that Old Soul best fits her aura. She and her artist boyfriend (Michael B. Jordan) fall behind on the $1,500 monthly rent on an Oak Park one-bedroom, because their only steady jobs are driving for Lyft. After their landlord evicts them so he can rent to richer Bay Area refugees, Lady Bird relocates to the American River homeless encampment. But Lady Bird, inspired by the region’s beautiful tree canopy, builds a treehouse in West Sacramento, and the housing-friendly council lets her keep it.

2. Lady Bird: Hired Liar

In this black comedy, Lady Bird returns to lobby for children’s groups. She discovers that […]    

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