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Why Sebastian Maniscalco avoids politics in his act and 4 other things you didn’t know about the comedian

By in Press Enterprise on February 8, 2018

By Stephanie Schulte

Sebastian Maniscalco wonders why people do the things they do.

Much of the comedian’s relatively clean storytelling style recalls the observations and irritations of human interaction — people with several bandages adhered to their feet dipping into a resort pool; houseguests helping themselves to special items in the refrigerator or mall kiosk employees who stalk their passerby prey.

Known for his exaggerated facial expressions, bouncing around the stage during his act and poking fun at growing up in a strict Italian household, the comic’s resume includes two Netflix specials, “Aren’t You Embarrassed?” and “What’s Wrong With People?” and performed at last year’s Kaaboo Del Mar.

Maniscalco brings his “Stay Hungry” tour to Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa in Rancho Mirage on Saturday, Feb. 17, and to the Long Beach Convention Center on Sunday, Feb. 18.

Named one of Forbes Magazine’s top earning comedians of 2017, Maniscalco opened up in a recent telephone interview about what he will and won’t joke about.

1. Passing on politics

Some comedians go for it and unleash tirades on the current political landscape. Maniscalco’s not one of them.

“It’s overdone and nobody cares,” Maniscalco said. “People get it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

He said people come to his shows to laugh and get away from the craziness in the news.

2. The truth about the raccoon intruder

One of Maniscalco’s most popular jokes is a hilarious story about his father waging war against a raccoon that was dining on vegetables in the family garden.

“That was actually my friend’s dad but stems from the truth,” Maniscalco said. “It’s kind of like writing a movie and giving character traits to actors.”

3. School of success

Maniscalco said he was a shy kid but would come out of his shell when he was giving book reports in elementary […]    

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