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Why Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff doubts a cost-cutting consultant

By in Press Enterprise on February 10, 2018

By Jeff Horseman

A consulting firm getting more than $40 million from Riverside County to make county government more efficient used a misleading measure to claim it improved response times at the Sheriff’s Hemet station, sheriff’s officials said in a wide-ranging critique of the firm’s efforts.

While saying his department will continue to work with KPMG, Sheriff Stan Sniff said he hasn’t seen any evidence that the firm’s work has yielded savings.

Working with KPMG has “burned up thousands of hours of our time,” Sniff said. “It’s awful hard to optimize when only two people are on duty.”

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In emailed responses to questions, the county executive office, which reports to the county Board of Supervisors, defended KPMG’s work. The Sheriff’s Department “approved the methodology to calculate response times” before the Hemet experiment began, the office said.

“The Sheriff’s […]    

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