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Why Greta Gerwig says it was ‘now or never’ to make ‘Lady Bird’

By in Press Enterprise on November 2, 2017

By Bob Strauss

Everybody’s favorite ultra-indie actor Greta Gerwig has now written and directed a movie, “Lady Bird,” that unsurprisingly everybody loves. A hit at big fall film festivals, this story of restless Sacramento teenager Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson’s last year of Catholic high school had a rare, 100 percent “fresh” (i.e. positive) rating on the review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes this week of its commercial release.

Acclaimed Irish actress Saoirse Ronan and “Roseanne”/ “The Big Bang Theory” mainstay Laurie Metcalf are generating awards buzz as the volatile Lady Bird and her equally emotional (except when she’s refusing to talk to her daughter) mom Marion. So, soon, may Gerwig for her insightful solo feature-making debut, a stinging yet sincere love letter to family, gal pals, crappy boyfriends and a hometown you can only appreciate when reaching your goal of getting the hell out of there.

Gerwig tells us what went into it.

Q: So to start, the question you’re going to be sick of for the next four months: How much of “Lady Bird” is fictional and how much of it is young Greta?

GERWIG: So, I’m from Sacramento, California, and I did go to an all-girls Catholic school. In terms of the character of Lady Bird, she’s the opposite of how I was. I never made anyone call me by different names, I never dyed my hair bright red. I was a more rule-following kind of a kid, I was a people pleaser, I really liked getting a gold star. So, in a way, when I was writing the movie I allowed it to be this exploration of everything that I wasn’t able to be when I was her age.

So, she’s a real fictional creation. Again, the character of Marion is nothing like my mother. But the essence of why there’s so much conflict and […]    

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