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Why ’80s rockers Loverboy embrace the band’s cheesy lyrics

By in Press Enterprise on February 12, 2018

By Stephanie Schulte

When Loverboy’s party anthem “Working For The Weekend” comes on it’s hard to sit still and not think about, well, partying and red leather pants.

The band formed nearly four decades ago in Canada and started hitting the charts with the release of its self-titled debut album and the hard-charging single “Turn Me Loose.” The follow-up album “Get Lucky” came out a year later in 1981 spawning the hits “Working For The Weekend” and “When It’s Over.”

On Saturday, Feb. 17, Loverboy will headline the first show in this year’s Spa Resort Casino’s Concert Under the Palms outdoor concert series. The schedule for also includes Night Ranger on March 17 and Gin Blossoms on April 7.

Guitarist Paul Dean, who founded Loverboy with vocalist Mike Reno, took time to answer a few questions in a recent phone interview.

Q: Why do you think Loverboy has such staying power?

A: Everything aligned from a great manager to Mike Reno’s great voice and decent songs. Our songs make people feel good and our grooves are positive. At our shows it’s a rush to see the audience hanging on every word and have them communicating on our wavelength. It’s really a really gratifying experience.

Q: What is your thought on people saying your lyrics are cheesy?

A: Well, we’ve been slammed in the press for our lyrics. Our lyrics are severely tongue-in-cheek and I think the fans get that. Even if they don’t get it, there’s positive feelings in the lyrics. “Hot Girls In Love” has got to have the cheesiest lyrics ever written, but if you get it, you think it’s cheesy. I mean watch the video for God’s sake. It’s just silly and we have the right to be silly, thank you very much.

Q: How did MTV change the band’s trajectory?

A: When MTV […]    

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