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Whicker: Astros’ Alex Bregman gets his brashness honestly

By in Press Enterprise on October 26, 2017

By Mark Whicker

Sam Bregman is the chairman of New Mexico’s Democratic party.

“He’s probably the best-known lawyer in the state, too,” said Alex Bregman, his son.

Alex didn’t say “best-liked.” There is a Stop Sam Bregman page on Facebook. There is criticism of his advocacy of those accused of child molestation, drug trafficking, and government corruption.

This is no country for shy men, and Bregman has criticized state senators in his own party and called Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gary King “the worst attorney general” in state history. Bregman regularly clashes with Republican governor Susana Martinez, too.

“Living that public life, no doubt it has helped me,” Alex Bregman said. “Watching my dad deal with criticism, it’s helped me 100 percent. You develop a thick skin that way. I’ve seen him fight for what he believes in. You have to have confidence. You can’t let the outside noise creep in.”

Alex walked into the noise Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium. He is the 23-year-old third baseman for the Houston Astros, drafted second overall from LSU just two years ago.

In his second World Series plate appearance he drilled a home run off Clayton Kershaw.

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