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Whicker: As Kaepernick sits, NFL deals with trouble standing

By in Press Enterprise on November 23, 2017

By Mark Whicker

Here’s what the NFL should have done with Colin Kaepernick.

It should have signed him as a league employee. Then it should have sent him in London.

Whenever two NFL teams played there, he could have been the backup quarterback for each. Or maybe if a team didn’t want to bring its rancid quarterback at all, Kaepernick could have started.

He could have stood for God Save The Queen and knelt for the Star-Spangled Banner. Nobody would have protested. And maybe he would have won.

Outlandish? Sure.

Nearly as outlandish as Jerry Jones threatening Roger Goodell, the Chargers playing in front of Mater Dei-sized crowds, and the first signs that the NFL, the leading television entertainment package for lo these many years, is beginning to sink just slightly into a climate change of irrelevance.

Nothing is more transparently absurd than Kaepernick’s forced idleness in 2017. He had a quarterback rating of 90.6 last year on a 2-14 49ers team.

What do Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, Dak Prescott, Derek Carr, Jameis Winston, Joe Flacco and Marcus Mariota have in common? None has a QB rating as high as 90.6 this season.

Meanwhile, the following quarterbacks started last weekend or are being strongly considered to start this weekend: C.J. Beathard, Matt Moore, Tom Savage, Blaine Gabbert, Brett Hundley, DeShone Kizer, and Scott Tolzien.

Oh, and Nathan Peterman, who is not related to the clothier who was Elaine’s boss on Seinfeld.

Kaepernick is no longer the QB who came within a play of winning a Super Bowl for San Francisco. But a majority of today’s imposters will get no closer to a Super Bowl than a barstool at Buffalo Wild Wings.

At least Kaepernick once was good.

But any NFL team who signed Kaepernick at this late date would be overwhelmed by an international media tsunami.

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