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Where will it end? Letters

By in Press Enterprise on August 29, 2017

By Letters To The Editor

Where will it end?

Re: “It’s not easy to choose among statues” [Opinion, Aug. 27]: It appears that Abraham Lincoln voiced white supremacist views in a public speech one year before he was elected as president. In his Emancipation Proclamation, he declared as free only the slaves in the Confederate states but not those in states that remained in the union. Should we, therefore, tear down the Lincoln Memorial, demolish all statues of him, rename all schools named for him and the like?

When will this politically correct malarkey stop?

— Alfred M. Diaz, Riverside

Calvert snubbed constituents

Last Friday, Rep. Ken Calvert snubbed his constituents and GOP groups lied about them. Twice. At the Mission Inn, he enjoyed lunch with the Lincoln Club, and when constituents called for a town hall, he drove by, parked, and walked away. Then he dubbed them “Nancy Pelosi liberals,” which he said back in February in the Press-Enterprise.

Later, at Taps House in Murrieta, constituents with tickets to the Young Republicans’ meeting were denied entry on the basis of having been vetted on social media and deemed “violent.” Indivisible groups are committed to nonviolence. Calvert and his cronies called the cops on a group of mostly educators and retirees. As he ramps up his next congressional campaign, he needs to stop the smear campaign of his own constituents.

— Donatella Galella, Corona

Library misses mark

The Press-Enterprise article on Riverside’s proposed Main Library, up for a vote by the City Council on Sept. 5, raised concerns for me. I am not talking about the design, although I find its modernity gratuitous and out of keeping with the downtown Mission style. My main concern is the space allocated for the library itself, the reason for a new building, which will be smaller than the current building. The article even mentions a need for […]    

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