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What’s different about hunting zombies at Knott’s Scary Farm this year

By in Press Enterprise on October 11, 2017

By Michelle Mills

We all love zombies, right?

So what’s better than spotting a lumbering horde of the creepy brain-eaters? Hunting them! Knott’s Scary Farm has brought back “Special Ops: Infected” with the promise of more zombies, more interactive targets and more anti-zombie power.

There are long lines for this attraction and a bit of a wait, even with a fast pass, so you may want to make “Special Ops” your first or last stop of the evening. Once you get inside, there’s a short wait before you’re thrown right into the action.

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Zombies lurk in every corner of the hunt, skulking in the shadows and hiding behind and inside of various objects, as you make your way through the maze of post-apocalyptic debris. There are also green targets scattered throughout the attraction that you may shoot for extra points.

Your adrenaline will get pumping as you make your way through infested areas with brief safe spot stops to catch your breath. You step through the final portal with a mixture of relief that it’s over and the yen to do it again.

There are a few issues with “Special Ops.” In previous years, you were encouraged them to work as a team. There was also a key element to the mission, such as finding DNA needed to create an anti-zombie vaccine. This time there is no buildup; you are immediately pushed into the middle of things without any explanation […]    

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