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What to watch: Christ’s Tomb, Christmas lights, Carol Burnett and ‘Godless’

By in Press Enterprise on December 1, 2017

By Rob Lowman

Catch up on

Godless: (Available on Netflix) As I said in my review, this is the Western you’ve been waiting for. The seven-part limited series opens with a striking tableau of an entire town wiped out, and then followed by a country doctor being woken in the dead of night by outlaws. Their leader’s arm is hanging by a thread. Better get to it, Jeff Daniels’ Frank Griffin casually tells the frightened doc when he hears there is no anesthesia. Frank’s no ordinary bad guy, “Godless” no ordinary Western. It has the scope of a novel, and in its seven-hours lyrically tells its complicated, interwoven stories. Jack O’Connell (“Unbroken”) plays Roy Goode, a protégé of Griffin who has seen the light. Eventually, he stumbles onto the ranch of the widow Alice Fletcher (Michelle Dockery), and her son. They live outside the town of La Belle. almost entirely populated by women since a mining accident had wiped out all of the men. Eventually, this will lead to the most-Western trope of a showdown. Actually, “Godless” – written and directed by Scott Frank with Steven Soderbergh as an executive producer ­– has a couple of doozies. It’s also got a first-rate cast. Dockery, O’Connell, and Daniels all shine as does Merritt Wever as a no-nonsense leader in La Belle, Scoot McNairy as the nearsighted sheriff and Sam Waterston as a lawman. While the series has plenty of action – and feel free to discuss the title after you see it – there is also grace. It sucks you in with novelistic detail, so a moment in which a boy is learning to ride is both moving and as tense as a gunfight.

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The Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special: (8 p.m. Sunday on CBS) The Carol Burnett Show turns 50, and to celebrate […]    

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