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What made The Sound 100.3 FM special was more than just music

By in Press Enterprise on November 19, 2017

By Richard Wagoner

The end finally came for The Sound 100.3 FM on Thursday, Nov. 16.

It came after weeks of goodbyes, allowed due to the unknown timing of the transfer of ownership of the station from Entercom to EMF, and Entercom management allowing the staff to stay on until the end, a rare gift that was truly appreciated by the Sound’s staff and listeners alike.

Entercom management does deserve kudos for that — it just isn’t done very often.

Just before 1 p.m., Andy Chanley, the first DJ to be heard on The Sound almost 10 years ago, wrapped it up with these words: “This has been KSWD Los Angeles. This is The Sound. And this dream will self-destruct in three, two, …” followed by silence and one of the most awkward transitions to a new format I have ever heard — including two segments of dead air. The new station is KKLQ, K-Love, yet another (I count six) Christian radio station serving Southern California.

EMF bought the station for far less than market value because Entercom wanted to make sure that the new owners did not compete with existing CBS/Entercom stations as the two companies merged.

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