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We can achieve 100 percent clean energy

By in Press Enterprise on August 30, 2017

By Angelov Farooq

Residents of Inland Southern California are all too familiar with the devastating effects toxic air has on our community. It is rare for me to meet a student, family member or other community resident who doesn’t have or know someone who has asthma or some other respiratory illness.
These same people also know the damaging effects of a sluggish economy; nearly 18 percent of Inland Southern California’s residents are living in poverty, whose per capita income is an average of $30,000 per year. We need to address these inequities head on, and one way to tackle both pollution and low wages is to move toward 100 percent clean energy.
Currently, 27 percent of energy in California comes from wind and solar, a 17 percent rise since 2010. That is a big leap in a short amount of time, with more clean energy coming online everyday. However, this means that more than half of the state’s energy still comes from fossil fuels that directly pollute the air and harm our health. In today’s world, where you can have your dog walked, order a cab, and have groceries delivered with a simple click on a cell phone, our energy sector is woefully behind the curve.
Right now there is a bill moving through the California Legislature that will put an end to building dirty power plants in our backyard and drive the energy of the future forward. Senate Bill 100 would get Californians to draw its power from 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2045. If passed, California would end its reliance on dirty fossil fuels and replace that energy with power that doesn’t pollute our communities, destroy the environment and damage our health.
Achieving what SB100 calls for certainly has its skeptics; switching from energy resources we’ve relied on for decades to only clean energy […]    

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