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Upland Library gets 2,300-square-foot children’s room expansion

By in Press Enterprise on December 2, 2017

By Liset Marquez

UPLAND >> Ralph Cavallo is tired of hearing all the negativity about the city he’s lived in for nearly five decades.

He knows some leaders have failed its residents in the past.

“There’s a lot of, ‘they should have done this…’ and you know what my questions is? ‘What have you done to improve this town?’” Cavallo stated.

Sitting in an empty portion of the Upland Library, he went on to advise residents.

“Do whatever you feel you can to help,” he said.

Cavallo, of course, has done his share. He has been behind several community projects, most recently spearheading the creation and ongoing maintenance of the Upland Veterans Monument located in the courtyard outside of the library.

“I have a passion for building,” Cavallo acknowledged.

With his help, the Upland Public Library Board of Trustees completed a 12-year-old project to expand the children’s center, which involved enclosing a 2,300-square-foot open-air room on west side of the library, Cavallo said.

With the help of the library board and a team of volunteers and vendors, he did it in five months.

“I’m really proud,” he said. “This thing was a dump. I did not appreciate how big it was until we had taken off the lattice and put in the roof. All of a sudden this thing exploded.”

Originally, the project was supposed to cost $200,000, but the Friends of the Upland Library donated $18,000 to build the sound system which brought the project cost down to $182,000.

Renovated open air room on west side of the library that will be used for children’s programming.

The state-of-the-art system includes 10 speakers installed in the ceiling, an overhead projector that will go onto a 10-foot screen, and there’s even a 75-inch television.

“We have a control box that has everything in it and you can operate (the whole system) from a simple […]    

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