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Two teen boys in Riverside suffer serious burns after trying to light fire

By in Press Enterprise on September 16, 2017

By Alex Groves

Two teenage boys suffered second and third degree burns to their bodies in Riverside on Friday evening, Sept. 15, after they tried to set a fire for a video but ended up burning themselves in the process, a fire official said.

About 11:32 p.m. the Riverside Fire Department received a report of what sounded like an explosion and a possible hurt child in the 7400 block of El Sol Way, said Riverside Fire Department Battalion Chief Jeff DeLaurie.

He said firefighters arrived and found that there was already an ambulance there. They helped paramedics to treat the two boys, both about 13, before they were taken to the hospital for burns they suffered to their faces, hands and upper torsos.

DeLaurie said arson investigators learned the boys were trying to light a fire for some type of video when the fire caused gasoline to ignite and that, in turn, ignited their clothing and burned them.

Because of the loud noise that was reported to dispatchers, a bomb squad from the Riverside Police Department went to the scene to investigate but ultimately found no evidence of explosives, DeLaurie said.


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