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Trevor’s Travels: Valley Relics Museum is stocked with, well, relics from the San Fernando Valley

By in Press Enterprise on December 5, 2017

By Trevor Summons

When we first arrived in Los Angeles from Britain many years ago, we were based in Marina Del Rey and our office was there as well. It was an ideal place for people who had left a small English village. The Marina has a similar feel if you don’t go outside its borders.

Booth from the Brown Derby

As our clients were mostly in the large financial sectors, we spent most of our face-to-face time in the commercial areas of the city, but it was not long before we heard about this other part — the Valley.

TV stations and radio programs were often speaking about this place and how conditions were there. It sounded slightly mysterious. But it was quite a long time before we ventured up across the hills on the 405 Freeway and saw the Valley spread out ahead.

In truth, the Valley is more like a plain, as it is quite large — it’s about 260 square miles — but its borders are often the subject of argument. For instance, is Glendale in the Valley? Pasadena certainly is not. How about Burbank?

I now have a branch of the family living in the Valley and on a recent visit, I went along to look at the Valley Relics Museum in Chatsworth. The founder and curator, Tommy Gelinas, told me that the boundaries are “Calabasas to the west and Glendale to the east; Sylmar to the north and Sherman Oaks to the south.”

Gelinas is a born and raised resident of the Valley, and he’s passionate about it and its cultural past; so much so that in 2000, he started to house his collection of Valley artifacts in a museum. He currently has 15,000 objects there, but that’s just a third of the entire hoard.

He owns and runs The Print Lab in North […]    

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