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Town halls and the rise of the organic green tea party

By in Press Enterprise on October 26, 2017

By John Phillips

Over the last year a number of Republican members of Congress have returned to their districts and been screamed at during town hall meetings over health care reform, tax cuts, the various Russia investigations and any number of other hot-button issues.

Many of these attendees seem to believe the louder the profanity-laced tirade, the more their congressman and the press would understand that they mean business.

After all, nothing seduces a congressman quite like treating them as if they were a United Airlines gate agent on a delayed flight.

The media largely billed these spectacles as proof that President Trump’s voters have turned on him, and would result in the GOP getting blown out of the congressional majority and eventually the White House.

An organic green tea party, if you will.

Jesse Ferguson, a former Clinton aide now working with Democrats to oppose Obamacare repeal, is pushing this narrative, telling CNN, ”All different kinds of people in all parts of the country are spurred into action out of fear of what Trump’s government will do to them, their family, their friends and the future of their country. … For many of them, repealing health care is the tip of the spear and first of those fears.”

And poof! The “basket of deplorables” magically turns into a “basket of adorables” over the course of one rowdy meeting.

Not even a Pentecostal can redeem someone that fast!

There’s only one problem with Ferguson’s logic. His definition of “all different kinds of people” is very different from the actual definition of all different kinds of people.

Sure, there was diversity in those crowds; white college graduates who hate Trump and didn’t vote or him, white high school graduates who hate Trump and didn’t vote for him, black college graduates who hate Trump and didn’t vote for him, black high school graduates who […]    

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