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Tiny may be next big thing in houses

By in Press Enterprise on December 3, 2017

By Larry Wilson

If, like me, you’ve heard of the Tiny House movement with some curiousity, you also, like me, may have looked around your digs and asked, “But don’t I already live in a tiny house?”

Because there’s nothing Megaterranean about the Wilson family lodgings. At 1,200 square feet, it’s what we like to buck ourselves up by calling a cottage. Smallest house on the block. Perhaps the smallest house for many blocks. But big enough to raise a daughter — now decamped, at 26 — big enough to swing a cat in. Two bedrooms, two baths, all mod cons.

Cheap enough to heat and cool. No need for an intercom to call fellow dwellers to dinner. And whenever the quarters might seem a little close, I can always be counted on to note that it would be a really large Manhattan apartment, priced in the zillions.

Or a boat. If we were a boat, we’d be a really big boat. Who could want for more?

Well, for these fascinating folks in the Tiny House movement, you could also want a whole lot less.

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Compared to the billets they are talking up as a wise way forward for an overstuffed society, ours would be the mansion on the hill. Whereas the typical American house is around 2,600 square feet, the typical tiny house is between […]    

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