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Think you love Taco Bell? Menifee student likely has you beat

By in Press Enterprise on December 1, 2017

By Manny Otiko Paloma Valley High School student Alexis Woodward is pictured with her Taco Bell-themed parking spot. Taco Bell rewarded Woodward’s creativity with merchandise and other free gifts. (Photo courtesy of Tina Woodward)

Menifee high school student Alexis Woodward loves her favorite fast food restaurant. So great is her Taco Bell devotion that the Irvine-based giant showed it loves her right back.

It started with a simple tradition at Paloma Valley High School: seniors get to decorate their parking spots. Woodward, a 17-year-old, decided to decorate her spot in the Taco Bell colors and logo. Woodward says she loves their food so much she eats there at least three times a week.

Her family is so aware of her love for all things Taco Bell that they once gave her $100 worth of the chain’s gift cards.

Alexis spent around $80 and about five hours designing her parking spot. Her mother, Tina Woodward, shared Alexis’ pictures with a local Taco Bell manager who passed it on to corporate and they decided to reward Alexis’ creativity.

According to Tina Woodward, she first discovered her daughter’s affection for for the chain when she was about five.

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“Alexis has always loved Taco Bell,” said Tina Woodward, “Her junior year she ate at Taco Bell before two big occasions the military ball and prom, dressed in her formal gown and all. I have never seen someone love a place as much as Alexis.”

Tina Woodward also said her daughter has also shared her love for Taco Bell on social media and her Instagram […]    

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