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The California Republican Party needs some A-listers if it hopes to win

By in Press Enterprise on February 8, 2018

By John Phillips

When a Hollywood production company is casting a big budget blockbuster movie, they typically use the same battle-tested formula; an A-list star, whose name and credits will boost ticket sales and generate interest, talented supporting actors, who may not have the same notoriety as the lead, but bring their own abilities and fan base to the table, and character actors to give the film an extra layer of depth.

The California Republican Party would do well to apply a similar plan to the world of politics.

If the California GOP really wants to be competitive in statewide elections they need to cast their field of candidates the same way that a movie studio would cast a big-budget thriller.

Instead, the California GOP is running character actors where A-listers belong.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Ruth Buzzi just as much as the next guy, but I’d never make her the lead in the next installment of “Deadpool.”

If current polling holds firm, California Republicans will fail to get a candidate on the November ballot for either the U.S. Senate or governor.

The current crop of candidates don’t have the star power to be competitive in a state as big, diverse and expensive as California.

If you don’t believe me, ask yourself the question — Why did the 2002 Republican candidate for governor, Bill Simon, lose to the deeply unpopular Democratic incumbent, Gray Davis, but Arnold Schwarzenegger cruised to victory a year later? Simon and Schwarzenegger had essentially the same political ideology, the same party affiliation and ran against the same person, but one ended up victorious and the other did not.


Box office pull, that’s why.

I know state Republican leaders say they’re running the best candidates they have because the pickings are slim. But maybe they’re just not looking in the right places.

Think about how different the dynamics […]    

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