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Temecula Valley Symphony will take a ‘Universal’ approach to its season finale

By in Press Enterprise on May 19, 2017

By Sherli Leonard

The final movement of Beethoven’s Ninth will help the Temecula Valley Symphony and Symphony Chorus bring an end to the season on Saturday afternoon at Temecula Valley High School’s Golden Bears Theater.

The concert’s theme, “Universal,” reflects the orchestra’s mission, says Alana Joos, symphony president and artistic director.

“Our basic concept is to present a combination of musical genres to our audience,” she said. “We look for a program that reaches the classical audience and also has something in the pops style. And, still, everything we select must have integrity for the symphony.”

While three of the works on the program are traditional classical fare, one piece may be new to the audience. “Quadrophenia” is a 1973 piece by Peter Townshend of the Who, adapted for orchestra from the rock opera of the same name.

Townshend once said he took inspiration for the orchestration from classic composers Wagner, Bach and Britten. He also discussed the Wagner connection in an interview on

“When I wrote the original songs, it’s perhaps obvious I looked to Wagner for inspiration for some of the instrumental passages that were intended to evoke Jimmy’s uneasy mix of paranoia and grandiosity,” he said.

Joos discovered the music as she was looking for material for the Temecula Valley Symphony.
“We listened to it and thought it was pretty neat,” she said. “It is exciting to hear, and has elements for all of our audience members.”

Featured on the program is the final movement with chorus of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. The Temecula Valley Symphony Chorus will join the orchestra, with soloists, for the monumental work that always ranks high on the list of most popular classical music works.

The chorus, led by artistic director and conductor Eric Rey, also will present its own piece, “Evening Prayer,” by Ola Gjeilo with text by fourth-century churchist St. Augustine.

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