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Tech Girl: What to do when your IT manager retires

By in Press Enterprise on November 26, 2017

By Courtney Kaufman

You’ve had an IT manager for the last 15 years, and he’s just told you that he’s retiring. He knows your business and your systems intimately – he might have even built them! So, how will you fill his shoes? How will you get what you need once when he’s gone?

The good news: Retiring employees generally give ample notice. This gives you the opportunity to fully assess the situation and plan for a smooth transition. When employees leave voluntarily and you part ways amicably, transferring the knowledge to a new person or company should be much easier.

You also get the opportunity to reevaluate the position entirely. With IT, you have two choices: Should they be replaced by another person, or should the function be outsourced?

In either case, planning should begin immediately. You’ll need a process for evaluating your options and how you’ll make your decision.

If you decide the position should be filled by another in-house employee, start recruiting as soon as possible. The technology sector has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, so the right person could take time to find. Once you’ve selected the perfect candidate, it’s ideal they work alongside the retiring IT manager for about a month, if possible.

This gives the new hire the ability to fully understand how things are configured, how to troubleshoot your systems, and where the organization’s information technology stands overall. The amount of time they should shadow will depend on the amount of documentation that’s readily available. If the existing manager has thorough network documentation, getting a new person up to speed will be much faster.

If you choose to outsource the position, start the interview process a few months before the manager is scheduled to leave. Interview a few local companies, and if you’re having trouble figuring out which […]    

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