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‘So much water — like a swimming pool,’ says Corona homeowner living in Canyon fire’s footprint

By in Press Enterprise on January 9, 2018

By Shane Newell

While some Corona homes that were threatened by the Canyon fire were unscathed by rains on Tuesday, others were flooded with mud.

“So much water — like a swimming pool,” Corona resident Warren Kim said of the scene at his house Tuesday morning.

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A nearby draining ditch had filled up and caused mud to build up in his backyard.

“This is the worst it’s been,” he said.

The area was under a voluntary evacuation in fears that homes in the burn area would be particularly be susceptible to mud slides.

Aside from a few sandbags and a fire crew, most of the Sierra Del Oro neighborhood overlooking Green River Road and the 71 Freeway was clear.

“I was expecting a downpour,” Corona resident Rick Krumes said.

Even though he lives in the voluntary evacuation zone, he has no plans to leave.

“I’m not too worried about it,” said Krumes, who said he didn’t evacuate during the Canyon fire — during which flames came within 500 feet.

Kim, on the other hand, seemed to get the brunt of the damage.

He had to open his gate to help clear his backyard.

“As soon as (the gate) opened, it flooded out like a river” onto the driveway and his front lawn, Kim said.

Trash cans were among the items that came tumbling out.

About 6 inches of mud – which he said had the “consistency of chocolate syrup” – sat atop his once-green lawn.

If the rain continued Tuesday, Kim said he planned to stay to help control the water.

If nothing else, Kim said his sister got proactive for future incidents; the slide prompted her to buy some mud boots.


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