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Show your thanks by giving

By in Press Enterprise on November 25, 2017

By Stuart I.R. Haniff

Each year for most of you reading this, Thanksgiving is a given. It is a day and a season we look forward to all year long, an opportunity to come together and share.

It is a time to fill our stomachs and our hearts with abundance.

For six out of seven adults in the Inland Empire and three out of every four children this is the joyous reality.

But the heart-breaking fact and harsh reality is that for the remaining one in seven adults and one of four children, Thanksgiving is just another day. For them the only thing in abundance is doubt and sadness.

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Worse than that, it can be a day that is a bleak reminder of the irony that while others celebrate a day surrounded with food, their days are more often than not punctuated by no food at all.

These members of our community, the food insecure, are faced with the fear and hopelessness of not knowing where their next meal is coming from every day.

They are our neighbors, working families, seniors, veterans, and most tragic of all, our children.

Hunger does not discriminate and it is not obvious. Far too often our neighbors in need suffer in silence, exist in the shadows, and day after day go to sleep at night […]    

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