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Sheriff’s Lt. Chad Bianco says he’s being punished for running against Stan Sniff

By in Press Enterprise on January 4, 2018

By Alejandra Molina

Riverside County Sheriff’s Lt. Chad Bianco said he’s no longer allowed to wear a uniform, drive a patrol car or respond to calls just because he is challenging Sheriff Stan Sniff in the 2018 election.

“Everything has been taken away from me,” said Bianco, a 25-year Sheriff’s Department veteran who is based at the Hemet station.

“I have zero responsibilities at the station,” added Bianco, who’s endorsed by the Riverside Sheriff’s Association. “I show up to work. I sit in my office, and I wait until it’s time to go home.”

Sheriff’s Lt. Chad Bianco.

Sniff, who has been sheriff since 2007, also is being challenged by outgoing Hemet police chief Dave Brown, who has been endorsed by county supervisors John Tavaglione and Chuck Washington, former Sheriff Bob Doyle and former District Attorney Rod Pacheco.

Sniff responded to requests for an interview by sending a statement in which he said Bianco was assigned “key staff analysis responsibilities” for the Hemet station “well before ever announcing any 2018 run for political office.”

“After his later announcement that he was seeking political office, his assignment was left in place, without change,” Sniff said in the statement.

“If Lt. Bianco desires to transfer to a different departmental assignment and/or away from the Hemet Station, he will need to use the same formal transfer request procedure that any other department employee would be expected to use for due consideration by our agency’s chain of command,” Sniff added.

Bianco said he’s faced pushback from the department ever since he first ran against Sniff in 2014.

He had been assigned to the Smith Correctional Facility in Banning, overseeing the business office and transportation unit, until he was transferred to an administrative post a day after the 2014 election, he said.

In 2016, he was sent to Hemet where he said he oversaw the Sheriff’s station there. […]    

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