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‘Scream’-mask-wearing prankster gives Eastvale family a scare

By in Press Enterprise on July 13, 2017

By Alex Groves

Eastvale resident Cyndi Viramontes and her family got a horror movie-level scare when someone wearing a mask from the “Scream” slasher series pounded on her door Sunday night, July 9.

Viramontes said she and her family were sitting around about 9:15 p.m. when they heard a series of loud bangs at the front door of the home, which is near Clara Barton Elementary School.

“It wasn’t a knock, it was maybe an open fist,” she said. “It was like bang, bang, bang — it was loud.”

Viramontes said the sudden burst of noise not only scared her son, causing him to scream and run to the back of the house, but it also prompted the family to have concerns that someone might be trying to break in.

When the family went outside to inspect, the person behind the intense noise had gotten away, but a later review of security footage showed the person had been wearing the same mask as character “Ghostface” from the movie series.

“That kind of made it worse rather than a kid knocking on the door,” she said.

Viramontes said she posted video of the incident to a private Facebook group focused on crime in the Eastvale area. She said she was curious whether other area homes experienced a similar scare, but said hers appears to have been the only one targeted.

Riverside County sheriff’s officials said they did receive a report of the incident and that deputies checked the area. Riverside County sheriff’s Deputy Mike Vasquez said calling authorities was the right call.

“If it’s something suspicious, we want you to call us,” Vasquez said.

He said that while knocking on a door late at night is not a crime, if it makes a home’s occupants feel scared or uncomfortable, they should call the sheriff’s non-emergency dispatch line at 951-776-1099.

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