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San Bernardino police hope social media videos help crack homicide investigations

By in Press Enterprise on January 5, 2018

By Brian Whitehead

Pinned atop the San Bernardino Police Department’s verified Twitter page is a 112-second video officials hope can help solve the murder of 22-year-old Laura Perez.

In lieu of traditional press releases, newspaper stories and television hits, the department has started using modern media in select homicide investigations to connect with new, digital audiences.

Almost two weeks after posting the video, police officials have reached tens of thousands.

All with the click of a button.

“The benefit of these videos is we’re able to explain the case in detail,” said Sadie Albers, a department spokeswoman. “We’re able to capture the attention of our audience by explaining the emotional aspect of the situation.

“We’re hoping to get something we wouldn’t get out of a normal investigation.”

We need your help to solve the homicide of 22-year-old, Laura Perez.

Anyone with information can leave completely anonymous tips over the web here:

Or talk to a detective directly at (909) 384-5656.

— San Bernardino PD (@SanBernardinoPD) December 26, 2017

On Oct. 11, Perez was shot in the head following a botched robbery attempt near Highland and Mountain View avenues in San Bernardino. The 22-year-old died two weeks later.

The day after Christmas — a time police officials surmised most in the area would be at home, surveying social media — the department shared its video online.

A detective cases the scene for those watching. After a transition, Perez’s brother is interviewed.

“The last time I saw my sister, said bye, I didn’t know it would be the last time I would see her,” Enrique Perez said. “It was just something hard to imagine — her not being here. I never got the chance to see her engaged, married, have a kid, spend more time with us.

“It’s hard [that] her life was taken.”

Enrique Perez urges witnesses […]    

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