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Road no one asked to close will stay open in San Jacinto

By in Press Enterprise on November 25, 2017

By Craig Shultz

The San Jacinto City Council voted unanimously this month to keep Gilman Springs Road open north of the city — not that anyone asked for it to be closed or that the city has the power to do so.

The ordeal started when Councilman Andrew Kotyuk said he wanted to discuss transportation issues on the road following a crash there that seriously injured city volunteer Lynn Peterson and in light of a new Soboba Casino and hotel that is being built nearby, which will bring more traffic through the city.

So an item was placed on the Nov. 7 agenda reading “Gilman Springs Road Closure / Discussion Only / Councilman Andrew Kotyuk.”

Next Mayor Scott Miller posted an item on Facebook reading: “Should Gilman Springs Road going through Golden Era be closed?”

The posting drew almost 400 reactions, shares and comments and led to full council chambers for the Nov. 7 meeting.

Many of those present were adamantly against closing the road, which is one of two major roads into and out of San Jacinto from the north and bisects the Church of Scientology operated Golden Era Productions facility.

Kotyuk said he never suggested the road be closed.

“It got twisted into something it wasn’t supposed to be,” he said Wednesday, Nov. 22. “It’s been a safety issue.”

Ultimately, the council, behind a motion made by Kotyuk, voted against closing the road.

Miller said it’s his job as mayor to bring forward any issue one of his colleagues wants to be discussed.

“Just because we’re going to have this discussion doesn’t mean we’re for or against it,” he said Wednesday. “You have to be able to get the message out and I think social media is a good way to do it.”

But, he is against blocking off Gilman Springs Road.

“Every road has safety issues,” he said. “If we […]    

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