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Riverside’s Mission Grove theater raises bar on projection

By in Press Enterprise on October 3, 2017

By Fielding Buck

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Blockbusters are shining brighter than ever on the big movie screens at Riverside’s Mission Grove Shopping Center.

Mission Grove Luxury Plus has installed a laser projection system from the Belgian tech company Barco and new “ultra high gain screens” for its premium auditoriums.

Two of its 16 auditoriums have 60-foot screens and Dolby Atmos immersive sound systems.

“It just makes a crisper, brighter, more beautiful image,” said general manager A.J. Taylor. “What this does is go big screen, big sound, big seats, big aisle. This is the way you want to do it.”

The multiplex is part of the Galaxy Theatres chain, which has a dozen theaters in western states and Texas. Half of those theaters are in California, and the Riverside theater was the first one in the state to get the upgrade.

Mission Grove Luxury Plus was part of a wave of premium theaters that hit the Inland Empire last year. Others were the Harkins Mountain Grove 16 in Redlands and the remodeling of AMC and Regal theaters.

Common features include reserved seating, recliner seats, and service of beer, wine and spirits.

In September, Texas-based Studio Movie Grill took over Krikorian Redlands Cinema 14 and said it would make over the property next year.

The Mary Pickford 14 in Cathedral City has a screen fitted with Barco Escape, which is a three-screen system that wraps around the audience. Next month it will present “6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain” in that format.

In addition to premium amenities, Mission Grove “pulls out all the stops” for big openings, according to Taylor. Most recently, that meant providing staff with yellow raincoats and red balloons for Stephen King’s “It.”

He said “Thor: Ragnarok” will likely get […]    

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