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Riverside police recover 16 stolen guns and a hand grenade

By in Press Enterprise on July 5, 2017

By David Danelski

Riverside police recovered a hand grenade and 16 stolen guns and arrested three men Tuesday after learning that some men were using a blow torch to cut open a gun safe in a side yard of a residence, according to a police news release

As officers responded to the 4000 block of Sequoia Street at about 11:35 a.m., they pulled over a car containing two of the men suspected of cutting the safe and stopped the vehicle.

Police found one gun in the pocket of the passenger. Police then found a hand grenade and nine more firearms in the trunk. Police specialists determined the grenade was inert and not a threat to the neighborhood.

Officers also located another six handguns in a backpack at the Sequoia Street residence, which is in the Arlington area of Riverside. The backpack had been hidden in a trash can. They also found two gun safes at the property. police said.

Police believe the safes, handguns and other stolen property were taken during a home burglary that occurred hours earlier in the 4300 block of Tyler Street.

Three suspects were arrested. Carlos Romero, 30, and Jesus Dominguez, 45, both transients, were arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen property, conspiracy to commit a crime, and being felons in possession of handguns. Christian Ruffin, 26, of Riverside, was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit a crime.


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