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Riverside police officer saves Moreno Valley boy during Christmas medical emergency

By in Press Enterprise on December 28, 2017

By Beatriz E. Valenzuela

Christmas evening, little Ezra Ali Cadena and his family were enjoying time at his grandparent’s Riverside home, running around and playing with their newly-opened gifts.

The Moreno Valley boy was laughing and playing when all of a sudden the giggling 3-year-old stopped and fell over.

“His father, Michael Cadena, picked him up and along with his mom tried to administer CPR while immediately calling 911,” said Ezra’s great-uncle, Eric Nunez.

Uncertain of what to do and panicked, Nunez said he ran outside and was about to take Ezra to a nearby hospital himself when Riverside Officer Darrell Hill drove up.

Hill grabbed the limp body of Ezra an immediately began working on the little boy, getting the child to take a single, big gasp of air, Nunez said. Paramedics arrived a short time later and took the 3-year-old to Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Riverside and then transferred him to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. There doctors detected a previous-diagnosed heart condition that had to be addressed immediately.

When the tyke was born, the family knew he had an enlarged heart and a murmur, but were told they wouldn’t have to get him tested until the boy turned 4, he said.

“He turns 4 in a few months,” Nunez said.

Riverside police confirmed Hill was dispatched to the emergency call Christmas evening.

With all the confusion and stress of trying to get the tot to the hospital, no one knew the name of the officer who scooped up Ezra and helped breathe life into him, so Nunez said he took it upon himself to make a few calls.

He left messages at the Riverside Police Department asking for the name of the officer who helped save his great-nephew’s life and left him a message of thanks.

“Officer Hill reached back out to me,” Nunez said.

When Hill learned Ezra was transferred to […]    

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