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Residents hear details of Temple expansion near Rancho Cucamonga

By in Press Enterprise on November 11, 2017

By Liset Marquez

Residents near the Limei Fang-Ling Yen Mountain Temple, in the foothills above Rancho Cucamonga, on Thursday got their first glimpse of plans to build a Buddhist Temple and retreat onsite.

The temple has submitted plans to San Bernardino County’s planning division for an additional two dozen buildings for worship, meeting space, classrooms, living quarters and a dining hall.

“It will be a place of worship and people will come to visit the deity. It will be a place for monks and disciples to further their learning,” said Eric Chen, the architect for the project, during Thursday evening’s meeting at Goldy S. Lewis Center in Rancho Cucamonga.

The temple’s plan includes a Buddha hall with a roof height of 85 feet. The next tallest building on site will be the chanting hall, which will be 60 feet tall. It will have a 56-foot-tall wing on each side. The rest of the development would be comprised of plazas, sidewalks, landscaping, gardens and parking.

Chen revealed more details about the project during Thursday’s meeting, which was one of the first steps in informing the public about the scope of the project.

A 14-page fact sheet was available during the meeting and presentations came from the project manager, architect and a consultant that will conduct a study to see whether the project would impact the environment.

To expand, the temple has requested that the county make an exception in a residential zone to allow 24 buildings which would occupy 154,000 square feet over 37 aces. All the development would be south of the current structure. It is also requesting that it be granted a permit to grade the hillside because the average slope on the site is 11 percent, and be allowed to build four structures over the county’s 50 foot height […]    

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