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Renovation should ease congestion at popular Temecula Costco filling station

By in Press Enterprise on July 17, 2017

By Aaron Claverie

The long line of cars that blocks mall traffic near the Costco location at Ynez Road and Overland Drive in Temecula could become an annoyance of the past.

The popular wholesaler, which operates a filling station on the western side of its property, has submitted a request to reconfigure the entrance to that area to eliminate the backup, which adds congestion to the stretch of Ring Road that runs around the perimeter of the Promenade mall.

Costco also is looking to add five new fuel stations and provide diesel to all existing fuel dispensers, which should help get motorists in and out more efficiently.

The Temecula Planning Commission is scheduled to review the modification plans at its regular meeting, set for 6 p.m. Wednesday, July 19, in the Civic Center’s council chambers, 41000 Main St.

“Under the existing configuration, customers who wish to access Costco from the existing Ring Road only have one lane to enter into the Costco site. This single lane is often congested by customers seeking to purchase gas,” wrote case planner Brandon Rabidou in his report for the commission. “Consequently, this delays customers that are seeking to park and shop. The congestion and delays from this backup can force vehicles onto Ring Road and Promenade Mall South.”

To address these issues, Costco is proposing relocating the Ring Road entrance/exits about 90 feet east of the existing spot, adding two entry lanes (one for gas and one for through traffic) and two exit lanes (one for left turns and one for right turns) and designing the gas station lines to accommodate additional vehicles during peak periods.

Right now, there are 10 filling stations, with two pumps each, and only two of the 10 stations have diesel, which, like its gas, is about 10 cents cheaper per gallon than area stations.

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