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Rancho Cucamonga craft brewery to raise funds for Las Vegas shooting victims

By in Press Enterprise on October 26, 2017

By Liset Marquez

After the San Bernardino terrorist attack occurred, the owners of Hamilton Family Brewery created a specially brewed IPA – donating all its profits – as a way to help the victims.

Despite the popularity of Bear Hug IPA, the brewery’s co-owner, Josh Hamilton, told patrons the batch was a one-time release.

Then he woke up Oct. 2 to the news of a mass shooting the previous night at the Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas which killed 58 and wounded hundreds.

“Here we are again,” Hamilton thought to himself.

Later that morning when he went to the Rancho Cucamonga craft brewery, which he owns with his wife, Crysten, Hamilton said he was moved into action.

“My brewery is so much of my heart and soul. This is the tools I have at my disposal to be able to create something to help others,” he explained.

Hamilton stopped brewing his regular production to make a new version of Bear Hug IPA. According to Hamilton, who serves as the brewmaster, this production has some of the best hops “in order to make the best version of Bear Hug.” The IPA has barley and oats but includes huge amounts of Citra, Mosaic, Denali, El Dorado, and Amarillo hops.

The beer will be untapped Nov. 11 during a special event which will include a local food truck, and Hamilton is working on lining up country music acts. Only six barrels, or about 186 gallons, of Bear Hug were brewed and only a little over a third will make it into 16 oz-4-packs, he said.

As a nod to this region, the logo for this version of the IPA was redesigned to have the image of the California flag with the bear standing up and hugging the iconic Las Vegas welcome sign.

Hamilton Family Brewery co-owner Josh Hamilton created […]    

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