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Rams keep feeding Todd Gurley the ball, but how much is too much?

By in Press Enterprise on October 6, 2017

By Rich Hammond

THOUSAND OAKS — NFL running backs, in recent years, have adopted a celebratory gesture after a long run. They raise their hands to their facemask and pantomime spooning food into their mouths.

Todd Gurley needs to eat. Really, he does. Gurley said that, for whatever reason, he can’t bring himself to down a full meal before a game. By the end, he must be starved. Unfortunately for Gurley, he can’t eat the football, because the Rams have been feeding it to him this season at an extraordinary rate.

Gurley has totaled 86 carries and 20 receptions this season for 106 touches, the highest total in the NFL this season. Gurley also has received 53.5 percent of the Rams’ touches this season, this highest percentage of any player in the league. Gurley also leads the NFL with 596 yards from scrimmage.

“You work too hard in the offseason not to be on the field,” Gurley said. “You definitely don’t want to regret anything and go into the (next) offseason and be like, `I wish I would have been able to play a couple more snaps.’ That’s why I work so hard, to be in the position that I’m in today.”

Gurley’s resurgence, after a dreadful 2016 season, is a major reason the Rams take a 3-1 record into Sunday’s game against Seattle, but too much Gurley might be a dangerous thing for him and the team.

There’s a theorem in the NFL known as the “Curse of 370,” centered around the idea that a running back who carries the ball 370-plus times in a season essentially will be ruined for the rest of his career.

Gurley is on pace for 344 carries this season, but given that he’s also the Rams’ most-prolific receiver, he’s on pace for 424 touches. An NFL running back hasn’t had that many […]    

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