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Puppy recovering after being found with burns, broken jaw in San Bernardino

By in Press Enterprise on August 12, 2017

By Alex Groves

A 4-month-old Labrador puppy was recovering after being found with burns and a broken jaw in front of a San Bernardino elementary school earlier this week, but will need additional surgery, the president of a local animal rescue said on Saturday, Aug. 12.

The puppy, whose burns appear to have come from battery acid, was brought to San Bernardino-based animal rescue Poochmatch which then immediately took the dog to Loma Linda Animal Hospital, said president and founder Lydia Savala.

Initially, the dog was brought to an animal shelter in San Bernardino on Tuesday by a young man who had found it at the Monterey Elementary School campus.

A woman who was at the animal shelter, Alycia Enciso, spotted the puppy and ended up taking it from the young man, Savala said.

“She knew at that moment that if the dog entered the shelter in that condition it would be immediately euthanized so she intercepted the dog and took it home,” she said.

The dog was taken to the rescue on Wednesday and then the animal hospital.

Doctors told the animal rescue that in addition to the battery acid burns, the dog had an infection in one of its eyes and the top of its jaw was fractured in multiple locations, Savala said.

The dog appears to be doing much better. Its face has cleared up and the infection that was in its eye area appears to have been cleaned up extensively. It will still need substantial surgery to repair the multiple fractures, according to Savala.

Another non-profit, the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, will take temporary custody of the pooch on Saturday and will care for it during its surgery and a possible animal abuse investigation.

Afterward, the pup will return to Poochmatch, which will try to adopt it out.

“I have absolutely no concerns about his adopt-ability,” Savala said.

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