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Police search for man who fired gun, pepper spray at site of former Rancho Cucamonga employer

By in Press Enterprise on November 11, 2017

By Jim Steinberg

A man, who authorities believe is armed and dangerous, walked into a Rancho Cucamonga training seminar at his former employer midday Friday, according to officials, and in the course of a struggle, fired a gunshot and pepper-sprayed a contract worker.

The suspect was fired two weeks ago from the Goodyear plant in the 9600 block of Feron Boulevard, according to San Bernardino County sheriff’s Sgt. Marc Bracco.

The person leading the training – a contract employee – saw the agitated suspect reach for his waistband. Thinking that the fired worker was reaching for a gun, the contract employee began wrestling with him, Bracco said.

The suspect then produced a .22-caliber semi-automatic pistol, and while struggling with the contract employee a single gunshot was fired; no one was hit, Bracco said.

While the .22-caliber round is among the least-powerful made, Bracco said it still has the potential to be lethal.

Bracco said the contract employee was able to wrestle the gun away from the suspect.

The suspect then fled, Bracco said, and the contract employee pursued him. The suspect then turned and squirted pepper spray into the contract employee’s face and eyes. The contract employee retained control of the pistol.

Blinded, the contract employee stopped pursuing the man. Also, no description of the suspect’s vehicle could be provided.

Although the suspect lost his pistol in the struggle, Bracco said he may have a second gun and is considered dangerous in light of the violent nature of the attack. The SWAT team is pursuing the suspect.

After the incident, Goodyear management gave its employees the rest of Friday off, Bracco said.


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