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Photo of mom breastfeeding in line at Disneyland Resort sparks online uproar

By in Press Enterprise on November 25, 2017

By Marla Jo Fisher

A mom who posted a photo on Facebook of herself breastfeeding her child uncovered in public at the Disneyland Resort said she’s been stunned by the massive, worldwide reaction she’s received to her posting on a Facebook group for nursing moms.

“I did not expect that, honestly,” said Brittni Medina, 24, of Rancho Cucamonga, who decided to feed her 10-month-old son, Micah, undraped on Nov. 18, when he became fussy while waiting in line for a Carsland photo opportunity at Disney California Adventure.

Medina said she asked her husband to snap a photo of herself with her son and two frowning ladies in the background, who she said she overheard talking loudly about how she should nurse in a restroom, rather than in public.

When she returned home, Medina posted the photo on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page, where she immediately received supportive comments from other moms. But, to her surprise, the photo and controversy quickly went viral, and she soon found her image and comments on blogs and online articles from as far away as England, Hong Kong and Brazil.

“Most of the articles have been positive, except I was told the host on ‘Saturday Night Live’ said you shouldn’t feed your child in public,” Medina said, adding that she also received thousands of Facebook messages of support, as well as plenty that were critical of her decision and even rude.

“I heard that it would be more acceptable if my breasts were smaller,” she said. “But this is really about being able to go out in public. I heard from moms who don’t even go out at all because (of nursing issues)”

A woman who said she was one of the two observers shown in the photo later commented on Facebook that she never saw Medina breastfeeding, that […]    

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