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Pay nurses better: Letters

By in Press Enterprise on September 16, 2017

By Letters To The Editor

Pay nurses better

Re: “County spent $1.5 million on nurses” [News, Sept. 13]: For my 35 years in nursing there were always problems with staffing and safety, due (in my opinion) to administrators not willing to pay a fair price for valuable employees. I never thought I should make as much as an NFL quarterback, but something better than county wages, which are not competitive, by the way. If supervisors are willing to spend millions on temporary staffing, it just boggles the mind that they don’t sit at the bargaining table and pay the current staff those millions. What a short-sided fix they have.

Remember, these are the same supervisors that spent millions to a consulting firm to teach them how to run the county hospital. When do we get to vote on some fresh supervisors? Hey, county nurses, go to work at Kaiser. Wages and benefits are great and they recognize how valuable nurses are.

— Jan Ramsey, Riverside

Do your job

I don’t think our political leaders could pass a comprehension test. It seems impossible to even comprehend what they say. House Speaker Paul Ryan contradicted himself and didn’t even know it. He admitted that Obama’s DACA executive order was unconstitutional and still wants Trump to continue the order and also admits it’s the job of Congress. Trump only said the order would be stopped in six months giving Congress time to do it job. Congress, do your job!

— Arthur A. Nussberger, Riverside

Illegal is illegal

What are all these “Dreamers” of today dreaming about? Are they dreaming of one day becoming a U.S. citizen, or just dreaming of continuing to have all the “freebies” they have been getting for all these years?

If they are dreaming of becoming a U.S. citizen, are they now one, or working toward becoming one? If so, let them stay.

If […]    

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