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On the Road: Uber, Lyft drivers will soon have higher DUI standard than other motorists

By in Press Enterprise on January 6, 2018

By Amy Bentley

In last week’s column, we covered some of the many new transportation-related laws taking effect this year in California.

Here is part two of that discussion, with details about more new laws taking. For further information, visit the California Department of Motor Vehicles or the California Highway Patrol websites: and

DUI and passengers for hire, Assembly Bill 2687: Uber and Lyft drivers take note: beginning July 1, 2018, it’s illegal to drive with a blood-alcohol level of .04 or more when a passenger-for-hire is in the vehicle.

This means Uber and Lyft drivers, and those with similar services, will be held to a higher standard than regular drivers when they’re transporting passengers. The DUI blood-alcohol standard for regular motorists is .08. The California Department of Motor Vehicles says it will suspend a person’s license if a DUI conviction goes on their record and commercial driver license holders will be disqualified.

Buses and seatbelts, Senate Bill 20: Beginning July 1, 2018, passengers on buses equipped with seat belts must wear the belt.

This law also prohibits anyone to transport on a bus, or allow to ride on a bus, a child who is at least 8 but is under 16 unless they are restrained by a seat belt or a child restraint system that meets federal safety standards.

In case you were wondering what this new law might mean for school buses, it exempts them from the bill. However, an existing law requires school buses purchased or leased for use in California to have a passenger restraint system at all seating positions if the buses were manufactured after either July 1, 2004, or July 1, 2005, depending on the type, according to DMV spokesman Artemio Armenta.

Existing law also requires all passengers on a school bus with passenger restraint systems to use them. And, […]    

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