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On the Road: Is it safe to pull over on the freeway?

By in Press Enterprise on October 29, 2017

By Amy Bentley

Q: Carolyn Brodeur of Corona asks if it’s safe for a driver to remain in their vehicle if they have to pull over on the freeway, considering that many drivers now use the emergency lanes and unpaved shoulders for passing other cars. She also asked if drivers can give dashcam evidence to the California Highway Patrol that shows vehicles using emergency lanes and unpaved shoulders for passing. “Could such videos be used to show a pattern of reckless driving if one of the vehicles causes an accident while driving in the emergency lane/shoulder?”

A: California law says a driver may stop on the freeway only for an emergency. Riverside California Highway Patrol Officer Dan Olivas said that if you need to stop, exit the freeway if possible; it’s much safer to be off the freeway when stopped. “Try not to stop on the freeway unless you have to. If you are going to remain in your car, keep your seatbelt on, and call the CHP to help you.”

As for the use of dashcam evidence, CHP officers can’t issue citations to other drivers based on other people’s video evidence unless the officers saw the incident and can identify the driver, Olivas said. If the dashcam video happened to clearly show the other driver, however, that could help if the dashcam owner opts to make a citizen’s arrest. In that case, the owner of the dashcam would most likely be called to testify in court, Olivas said.

Q: Terence Roberts asks for a status update on the park-and-ride lot being planned for Temecula Parkway at La Paz in Temecula.

A: Construction on the park-and-ride lot stopped in late 2016 after the original contractor defaulted on the project. Temecula fired the construction company for noncompliance. Temecula Public Works Director Pat Thomas said that after the original […]    

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