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On the Road: Is it OK to ride bicycles on the sidewalk?

By in Press Enterprise on July 29, 2017

By Amy Bentley

Q. Mary Ella Flowers called the On the Road hotline and asked if we could discuss the issue of people riding bicycles on the sidewalks.

“This can injure pedestrians, especially those who have hearing disabilities,” Flowers said.

She asked if it’s legal for bicyclists to ride their bikes on the sidewalks.

A. Bicycles are not supposed to be ridden on the sidewalks, said Riverside California Highway Patrol Officer Dan Olivas, although many people don’t know the law and illegally ride them there.

Olivas said bikes are supposed to be ridden in the street, where bicyclists have to follow all the same traffic laws and rules as motor vehicles.

“Many accidents have happened because people pull out of a driveway and some bike rider is on the sidewalk,” he noted.

Q. A reader named Christine called the On the Road hotline to report a dead dog or dead coyote on I-15 in Corona and said cars were swerving to try to avoid hitting it. She asked what she should have done.

A: Riverside CHP Officer Olivas advises motorists who see a dead animal or debris on the freeway to call 9-1-1.

The CHP is likely to be the first responding agency and an officer can move the animal to the side of the road. The CHP will slow or stop traffic to move it and, if necessary, to eliminate a hazard.

Olivas said he realizes that some people feel a dead animal on the freeway isn’t 9-1-1 worthy, but he noted it’s a potential hazard that could cause a collision – so a call to 9-1-1 is appropriate.

Q. Blake Still, of Moreno Valley, asked if there any plans to add a transition lane to the southbound 215 Freeway between the Eucalyptus-Eastridge Avenue on-ramp and the Alessandro Boulevard off-ramp in Riverside.

A. We asked both Caltrans and the county of Riverside about […]    

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