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OK Go aims to recreate its viral videos live in front of you

By in Press Enterprise on October 31, 2017

By Richard Guzman

Ever since reaching viral fame when they hopped on treadmills to perform a complex dance routine in a video for the song “Here It Goes Again,” the Chicago-born band OK Go have embraced the idea of making quirky, wildly creative videos.

The band has floated in zero gravity for the song “Upside Down and Inside Out;” driven a car through a musical junkyard for the song “Needing/Getting;” and rode Honda Uni-Cubs (high tech unicycles), used umbrellas and thousands of dancers plus aerial views from a helicopter to capture the choreography in the song “I Won’t Let You Down.”

And while so many things could have gone wrong with just one missed step, they even bravely recreated the fast-paced treadmill dance live during the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards.

The band will be up to their creative shenanigans again when they come to UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance at Royce Hall Nov. 4 as part of a national tour where they perform songs live in sync with their iconic videos.

It’s part film screening, part live scoring, part concert and part theatrical show made up of about 20 videos from the band’s past 15 years of music.

“This has more in common with a theater-going experience or cinematic experience,” said Tim Nordwind, the band’s bassist and co-vocalist.

“We are sitting underneath the screen and we are playing in sync to those videos. We are playing to the videos that people have seen before but there are a couple of exceptions throughout the night which are sort of surprises where we do a little bit more,” he said.

It’ll be challenging enough just staying in sync to the recorded videos, since a live performance is more fluid than a set track.

“If we make a mistake, definitely the whole thing gets thrown off course,” Nordwind noted.

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