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No rest for Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger during upcoming All-Star Break

By in Press Enterprise on July 9, 2017

By Thuc Nhi Nguyen

LOS ANGELES — Cody Bellinger could use a break. He’ll get one soon, but even next week’s All-Star Break won’t be quite enough for the workhorse rookie.

The curse of a breakout year like Bellinger’s is that his spot in the All-Star Game and the Home Run Derby robs him of some much-needed time off.

“I think the four days to reset is important for a lot of people,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. “That’s what I hear of from players who make All-Star Games: They don’t get essentially an All-Star Break.”

Since being promoted April 25, Bellinger has been held out of the starting lineup only three times, including last Thursday’s win over the Diamondbacks. Even then, he was called upon to pinch hit in the ninth.

The 21-year-old will spend the first day of his four-day All-Star break swinging for the fences in Monday’s Home Run Derby in Miami, then play in Tuesday’s All-Star Game. He’ll get a small relief as the Dodgers restart their schedule in Miami on Friday, limiting his need for extra travel.

Bellinger broke out of his recent slump Saturday as he was 2 for 3, including the tying home run in the eighth. He snapped an 11-game streak without a home run, ending his longest dry spell since being promoted. Roberts said the break is “coming at the perfect time” for Bellinger, even if the rookie doesn’t get the full time off.

“He does a great job of taking care of his body,” Roberts said. “He’s open to laying his body down, which I encourage our players to do. But I think Cody’s playing the adjustment game.”

Similarly, the league is adjusting to Bellinger. The rookie is no longer a secret and it might be natural that his numbers will take a dip as teams figure him out. However, Dodgers […]    

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