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Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ is getting a new queen for season 3

By in Press Enterprise on October 27, 2017

By Rob Lowman

“The Crown” star Claire Foy will be transforming into Olivia Colman if all things go as planned.

The Golden Globe-winner and Emmy nominee Foy, 33, will be portraying Queen Elizabeth II when the Netflix series makes its expected return in early December for the second season, but the streamer has already been looking ahead.

The plan was always to find another actress to portray the monarch in her middle-ages, and Colman, 43, reportedly has been tapped to do the job, although the popular and acclaimed series has yet to officially be greenlit for a third season.(Season 1 is coming to DVD on Nov. 7.)

The three-time BAFTA-winning Colman can be seen in the U.S. as a detective in the crime drama BBC America’s “Broadchurch” and as a Golden Globe-winner and Emmy nominee for her role as a British intelligence agent in AMC’s “The Night Manager.”

Olivia Colman, seen here in “Broadchurch,” is expected to take on the role onQueen Elizabeth II in a third season of Netflix’s “The Crown.”

Don’t fret for Foy, who had already been told they didn’t want to put her in heavy makeup to play the older queen. She is set for “La La Land” director Damien Chazelle’s next film, The First Man” and has been cast as Lisbeth Salander in “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” and has already filmed Steven Soderbergh’s next, “Unsane.”

Colman, too, has numerous projects before you see her wearing the crown, including the upcoming “Murder on the Orient Express,” opening on Nov. 10, and the bawdy period piece, “The Favorite,” with Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz.

Queen Elizabeth II’s middle years may be a challenge, both for Colman and the writers of the series, as Britain’s royal family becomes more irrelevant.


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