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Natalie Portman threw some not-so-subtle shade at the lack of female director nominees

By in Press Enterprise on January 8, 2018

By Maria Cavassuto

While the Golden Globes have become increasingly more diverse, there are still a few categories that could use a little more diversification. The directing category is still predominantly male. And in case you weren’t aware of that, Natalie Portman made sure to call it out during this year’s Golden Globes.

“And here are the all male nominees,” she said.

things natalie portman did: THAT

— catharina (@voIdemrt) January 8, 2018

And fans were ecstatic about her clap back.

Me and my friends just bawled our eyes out at Oprah’s speech. Then Natalie Portman was like HOLD MY BEER. #theallmalenominees

— JenHatmaker (@JenHatmaker) January 8, 2018

I said to myself, “How can they follow that powerful speech from Oprah,” and then all of a sudden, Natalie Portman made me hold her tea.

— bethany barich 🤙🏻 (@_BEEBZZ) January 8, 2018

World: You can’t follow up that amazing Oprah speech

Natalie Portman: Hold my beer#GoldenGlobes

— Dennis Sarlo (@dennissarlo) January 8, 2018

“I feel bad for whoever has to walk on stage after Oprah.” – literally everyone
“Hold my beer.” – Natalie Portman#GoldenGlobes

— Amber Sakis (@ambersakis) January 8, 2018

“And here are the all male nominees” yaaas Natalie Portman 🙌🏼#goldenglobes

— Hannah Blankenship (@itsmehannah_b) January 8, 2018

#cecilbdemille, wow. Also, props to Natalie Portman for noting the absence of the brilliant women directors locked out of the subsequent characters.

— Kimberly Eaton (@tweetdeguerre) January 8, 2018

Natalie Portman gets my vote for show stopping moment @Golden Globes just prior to announcing Best Director following celebration of women moments by citing all men as nominees. Hmm-m-m-m.

— RonG (@OldGent46) January 8, […]    

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